tomboylibrarian (tomboylibrarian) wrote,

After Yet Another Long Interval

So, after another absence of almost a year, here I am. Back again. Much changed, and much more mellow. So, given this newfound mellowness (and thus less need to Scream into the Void) why am I back, you ask?
Mostly because I've actually found something that I can use this journal for.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, high school has finally finished, and I am officially a free woman. Well, free from high school, anyway. Particularly since I'm planning to take a gap year.
So until March rolls around (where, if I guess correctly, and a couple of things go away, all of my time will be consumed for five months) I have time on my hands. Time, and no school, as you can tell from the run-on sentences.
Which means: I'm back. And I have projects! *grin*
Tags: back from the internet-dead
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