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Major Project: The Tirragenverse

Something that might not be easily deduced from the tags: I am a major fan of Tamora Pierce. Have been ever since I first picked up the first book of the Protector of the Small quartet. I worked backwards from there, next tearing my way through The Immortals quartet. So you can imagine that I also tore through Song of the Lioness pretty damn fast, expecting to like it as much as I had PoTS and Immortals.
Which I did...except for a few itsy-bitsy flies in the ointment. It was something of a shock, dealing with four books of Alanna, whose temper reminded me of my own, when I'd become so very used to Kel's stoicism. But once I got used to that, and realised "silly Lizzy, Alanna's not Kel", that fly disappeared.
Leaving just one: Alexander of Tirragen.
There are plenty of people in the TP fandoms who find his motivations to conspire with Roger a mystery. Frankly, wanting to "be the best" is not a reason for high treason. Not in and of itself. I've read more or less every fic which tries to shed more light on why, how, and when he became Duke Roger's man – why, how and when, if you will, he became evil. None of it was terribly satisfying.
because I have a thing for Tall, Dark, and Snarky swordsmen, and partly because I still couldn't get over the fact that the one character who was constantly described as "dark" (Ambiguously Brown) was the one who turned out to be a traitor. That, I couldn't stand.
Which brings me to my point at long last. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Major Project of however long this takes: a For Want of a Nail AU where Alex of Tirragen does not become a traitor.
Tags: alexander of tirragen, au, fic, for want of a nail, introductory post, story, the tirragenverse, troperiffic, unfortunate implications
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