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Hate. So much hate right now.
Ah, I feel better already.
But what's wrong? Gentle hypothetical readers ask. What's wrong, indeed.
As you know, I live in Australia. I love it. It's sunny, the surf is awesome (though I'm hardly a beach fanatic), and we just won the Ashes.
Sunshine and daisies, right?
Until the idiots open their mouth.
In this case, one particular backbencher, Senator Bernardi.
Senator Bernardi is an idiot. In 2010, he called for the burqua to be banned in public. Not in banks or airports, where you can argue the burqua needs to be removed for facial identification. Just in public spaces. He thinks legalising gay marriage will lead to bestiality, disregarding the fact that an animal doesn't have legal rights of personhood. He thinks the "green agenda" (aka, people who think we should get off our arses and do something about global warming) value plant and animal life over humanity. Apparently, it's missed his notice that humans live within the environment that the Greens and other environmental activists are so concerned about.
He is an idiot.
An idiot who has published a book, entitled The Conservative Revolution. In this book, he decides to air his idiot's grievances with the world.
He says that couples who undergo IVF and surrogacy (which he believes to be on par with human cloning) don't understand that children are "gifts, not commodities."

He says that step-families, blended families, and single-parent households should not be considered equal to the "traditional" family.
And the final kicker:
He says that people who are pro-choice are actually pro-death.
Cory Bernardi, you see, does not understand abortion. He does not understand what a chemical pregnancy is; in fact, I doubt he knows whether they exist. (And yes, he believes life starts from conception. Half the reason this view pisses me off.)
He does not understand that abortion has been around since Ancient Greece.
He actually thinks that abortion used to be rare, but now Australia's rate of 80-100,000 terminations of pregnancies per year is "horrendous and unacceptable."
Question, Mr Bernardi: have you seen data on what septic abortions used to be like? Not just as far as numbers go, but how surviving children were left without a mother, how the mother and the foetus often died horribly, how so many lives were shattered, how they were absolutely godawful?
I'm pro-choice, but I still think abortion's a tragedy.
You know why?
Because it's horrible that she has to get one.
Unplanned pregnancies are horrible. Impregnation from rape is horrible. Being pressured into getting an abortion is horrible. Having a baby you're not ready for is horrible. Falling pregnant for a child you couldn't support is horrible.
All of those things are horrible, and it is awful that a woman feels that she has to get an abortion.
An Australian woman, named Donna Mulhearn, who was human shield from the early days in the war in Iraq came to my school. She had taken a photo of a little eight year old girl with a gun in her hand. She had been given that gun by her neighbours, after her parents had been shot; the neighbours had told the girl that she was now responsible for her younger siblings.
Some ladies near the girl had called her over. They thought that Donna didn't care about the girl as a person, and that when the woman took that photo, it was just like another attraction to her.
Understandably, they were pissed off. Especially when Donna said that she thought it was disturbing. I don't blame them.
But I think what Donna was trying to get at is: it's disturbing that girl had to pick up that gun, to defend her little brother and sister.
And it's really sad when a woman has to get an abortion.
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